Current Commuter Routes


ABS01 – Woodbridge (Rt 234 Lot) to Fort Meade (DISA)

ABS03: Wal-mart Parking Lot in Culpeper – Fairfax County Government Center

ABS04: Remington Park & Ride, Warrenton Park & Ride (Rt 29/605), Gainesville (Target) to McClean, VA

ABS05 – Warrenton Lot to Fairfax County Government Center

ABS06 – Stafford (Rt 630) to Fort Belvoir (Bldg 1908)

ABS07 – Stafford (Rt 610)  to DC (Bureau of Printing & Graving)

ABS08: Rt 208 / Rt 630 – Bolling AFB

ABS09 – Stafford (Rt 610) to Pentagon/Naval Support Facility

 ABS10: Winchester / Berryville to CIA HQ

ABS11: Rt 630 to DHHQ

ABS12: Hillendale Park and Ride (DaleCity), Waldorf, MD to PAX River, MD

ABS13: Rt 208, Rt 630 to Fairfax County Government Center

ABS14: Rt 208 to PAX River

ABS15 – Fredericksburg (Rt 208) and Stafford  (Rt 630) to Fort Belvoir (DAU)

ABS16: Martinsburg, WV / Charles Town, WV / Mt Zion, WV to 14th / Independence, FBI (Washington DC)

ABS17: Charles Town (Food Lion), Jefferson, Frederick to L’Enfant Metro, USDA, DoE, 13/D

ABS18 – Culpeper Walmart/Warrenton Lot/Haymarket Walmart to Chantilly/Herndon/Reston

ABS19 – Fredericksburg (Rt 208) to Fort Belvoir

ABS20: Linden Park & Ride, Rt 17/Rt 66 to 23rd/L, 11/G, 6/E, 6/H, 13/L

ABS21: Culpeper Walmart – Fairfax County Government Center

ABS22: Rt 610 to Fort Meade

ABS23 – Fredericksburg (Rt 3 Gordon Rd) – Pentagon

ABS24 – Woodbridge (Horner Rd) to Fort Meade (DISA) – replaces old route

ABS25: Stafford – Fort Meade

 ABS26: Woodbridge to Andrews AFB

ABS27 – Ashburn to Springfield (NGA)

ABS28 – Fredericksburg (Rt 3 Gordon Rd) to Quantico (Bldg. 2008)

ABS29: Winchester, Ashburn to Dulles Airport, Ballston, Rosslyn, State Dept, 18/K, 13/H, FBI, Archives

ABS30: Stafford to Fort Meade

ABS31: Rt 610 to Coast Guard HQ

ABS33: Rt 208 to DOJ, GAO, DEA

ABS34: Stafford to State Dept, 18/F FDIC, Vermont Ave, 425 Eye St